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Kids Plumbing Book Judaline Cassidy

Make It Happen!

Judaline Cassidy, Plumber

Judaline Cassidy impacts lives and inspires women around the world with her experiences as a plumber in New York City.

As a professional woman in a male-dominated trade, Judaline faced many challenges as she worked hard to develop the skills necessary to achieve her career goals. No matter what the obstacles were, Judaline was motivated to work hard to change the way the world viewed women who wanted to work in trades-related jobs. 

To support women today, Judaline founded Tools & Tiaras, a program that teaches girls how to use tools and shows that girls can do trade jobs, too! Her program includes a fun fashion show where girls dress up like professionals in their trade of choice! 

Every day, Judaline continues to help others develop their own tools to ensure success in life and work.

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