As Vice President of our organization I am always careful when I refer a keynote to our events team for our national meetings. Once I saw Judaline through a series of videos I knew she would be the perfect fit for our national event and enthusiastically sent her name to our events team with the directive “let’s find which meeting we can get Judaline signed to.” Judaline did not fail to meet and exceed our expectations. Well prepared, full of energy and passion with a message for our attendees that they understood and immediately wanted to take action on. Judaline cannot be confined by her titles or descriptors of Trailblazing woman, or Industry shifting plumber, because she is both and so much more. I am motivated by Judaline and her message. I am honored to have shared our platform for her to speak at, and look forward to working with her year round with Tools and Tiaras, and hopefully again soon at one of our national events.


  • Julian Scadden VP Operations Nexstar Network​.

There are speakers and then there are superstars.  Judaline is a superstar.  We have had many speakers on the MAKERS Conference stage, but there is something special about her.  Her message has resonated well beyond when she spoke a couple of years ago—people always ask about her and are curious what she’s up to.  And it’s because she’s passionate about what she does, her message speaks to an audience well beyond the topic of plumbing (although that topic alone is so complex and what she is doing to make change speaks volumes to her inspiring passion to help others), and she has a power and kindness that resonates on stage.  To know Judaline is to love her and I put her in my top 10 list of speakers who have ever been a part of MAKERS.


  • Dyllan McGee Makers.

Judaline Cassidy was a keynote panelist at our annual Fearless Fest event in April 2018, and brought the house down with her signature charm, wit, and tell-it-like-it-is personality. She’s a captivating storyteller, an impassioned champion of equality, and a powerhouse of inspiration, but she’s also relatable, approachable, and genuine, not to mention hilarious. Judaline delivered a talk that was as meaningful as it was entertaining, and weeks after our event we were still receiving notes from guests about the impact hearing her speak had on them. As a serial entrepreneur who has hosted and produced countless high-profile events over the last two decades, I have never worked with anyone who has the ability to move and motivate an audience quite like Judaline does. She is truly remarkable. -


  • Jen Jones, Co-Founder Women You Should Know/Women You Should Fund.

"The Huge Immigrants, Huge x Women, and RBG (those identifying with the African diaspora) affinity groups at Huge wanted to put on an event that touched aspects of what each group stands for. Judaline was the perfect guest speaker and more. Her witty personality and boss woman confidence left the room in awe after each gem she dropped. We thought we were going to learn about who the "Feminist Plumber" was but instead she reminded us who WE were. Judaline used her super powers to enlighten, inspire and ignite a fire within each of us that we didn't even know we needed. We recited the same affirmations that the young girls in the Tools & Tiara's summer camp screamed at the top of their lungs until they felt it in their hearts. We discussed mental health and the importance of self care. Overall, Judaline reminded us that our differences are what makes us stronger. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Judaline!"  



  • HUGE Keanna Virgil, CPA / Senior Accountant​.

As we close in on the year’s end, it caused me, the Executive Director of Women in Energy, to think about the outstanding programs we hosted in 2018. One that touched us the most, occurred this past summer in NYC - Judaline Cassidy’s presentation about her  non-profit, Tools & Tiaras. 

Judaline brings a passion to what she does, a professional union plumber and where she is going  . . helping the next generation of young ladies learn more about the opportunities within the trades.  Having been in the energy industry for  nearly 30 years and constantly hearing where do we get workers, this lady is approaching it in a different way.  She and her team support girls and young women by introducing them to the  trades.  


  • Judy Garber ED Women In Energy.

Judaline Cassidy was a breath of fresh air! She was dynamic, inspiring and helped our audience think critically about their role in encouraging women and young girls to see themselves in building construction. Her keynote came across as genuine and honest, and she even asked people to open their wallets for our cause. She also took time to meet with audience members after the event. In down time around our event, Judaline was eager to provide ideas or feedback on getting a skills training for girls off the ground in our community. She was flexible to travel interruptions and a joy to work with. We’ve received many positive reviews from event attendees! 

  • Kaycie Green, Executive Director 

Women's Fund of Greater La Crosse, La Crosse, WI

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